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/ The smiling, gentle face of Stockholm is what i want to show on my blog – the nature and the animals. And beautiful buildings. I live in an area where the architects cleverly enough wove beautiful green areas in between the houses understanding that nature is an important part of  human well-being. There are many other areas of this quite big city where the architects – and politicians – were just as clever as here. But this wisdom seems to be fading. Instead of cherishing the specific nature of attractive and beautiful Stockholm some people want to make it to a copy of other big cities, Like New York. This will put Stockholm on the map, they say. As if Stockholm hadn´t been on the map for more than 700 years. I say: let Stockholm continue to be Stockholm, respect and cherish its specificity.

This is what met me on my morning walk around Reimersholme. This little herd of deer have been living on this small city island for a couple of years but I rarely see them. While taking photos of them I turned around and saw the Goshawk.